A letter to Mom

Dear Mom, Sometimes I want you to stop worrying about me. I know I am doing great because you have taught me well. But I know you will never stop worrying. You will always be my mom, and so your unconditional love will always guide your thoughts, words, and actions toward me. I haven't always appreciated your love because I didn't understand it. It's beyond what I can comprehend. I understand it more now. I am inspired by your power to love me when it wasn't always easy. I am inspired by your support for me when I've chosen a different path than what you wanted for me. I am inspired by your strength to let me go when I know you want to hold on. For all you have done for me, I am a better person - to myself and to others. Thank you for being the person I want to be more like. - Your Child From all of us at ToeSox - We send our thanks to Moms for showing your kids the importance of a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy feet. Share with us what you'd like to say to your mom by leaving a comment below. Sharing a couple of our favorite Mom moments.
We love min 2:05 when yogini Elena Brower's son comes to play
We love the practice Laura Sykora has with her "mini". Instagram @laurasykora
We love this dynamic mom and daughter wearing Pilates socks and gloves