Announcing 2017 ToeSox Influencers

2017-influencer-header As we welcome 2017 with open arms, we also welcome in a new crew of brand influencers. Each year ToeSox calls for all yogis, dancers, Pilates lovers, barre fanatics, and fit-spirational individuals to apply to be part of our annual ToeSox Influencer Program. Wow! We are blown away by the response we received and are immensely grateful for our community of ToeSox supporters and enthusiasts. Without further ado, please welcome ToeSox's 2017 Influencers. They will be showing off their ToeSox in the classes they take or teach while also spreading love and toes in their communities and on Instagram. As you work hard toward your goals, check in with us to see how they are inspiring us to keep fit, have fun and stay in style in 2017. toesox influencers
  • Alissa Kepas @alissayoga
  • Amy Jordan @wundabar_pilates
  • Cindy Leos @cindyleos
  • Erin Salvetti @livinglately
  • Heather Dorak @heatherdorak
  • Lauren Griffith @bodybylauren
  • Nichol Chase @nicholchase
  • Portia Page @portiapage
  • Rebecca Grafton @mygirlishwhims
  • Lisa Hirsch @lisanhirsch
  • Caryl Scobbie @carylee07
  • Holly Haas @yogaandchaigirl
  • Karla Ilicic @karlatafra
  • Kenzie Morley @yogaskenz
  • Kristen McGee @kristinmcgee
  • Shannon Michelle @caligirlgetsfit
  • France Marie @msfrancemarie, @beyondballarinas
  • Jason + Chelsey @jasonandchelsey @Yogaslackers