Something New In The New Year    

selfie-toesox Day one of a new year – whether it’s a calendar year or birth year – evokes an urge for a fresh start. It feels good to have a marked beginning for all of our good habits. The promise is well-intentioned but then, somewhere along the way, the enthusiasm wanes. Perhaps we put too much pressure on being a new version of ourselves in this new year. Here’s a thought -- instead of trying to be a new you, why not be better you? Hang tight to your dreams and goals as those will keep you thriving, but be sure to give yourself credit and gratitude for the many wonderful things you have already manifested. Your resolution could be to get into bikini-body shape. Or it could be more thoughtfully designed by resolving to go to barre class more often because if makes you feel strong and good. The first day of your new year is a great time to reflect on the previous one. Gather your friends for a Q&A sesh or retreat for a moment alone for some introspection. Looking back is like downloading the years’ highs and lows. This mental report provides information you need to plan ahead for what you want. What do you currently have that you want? Keep that. What do you currently love doing? Keep doing that. What brings you joy? Yes, keep that too.

Follow these 5 steps to master your New Year:

  1. After your reflection (see above), write down what you are grateful for. In fact, do this every day.
  2. Next, write down what you WANT. Go big, dream big! Put it all down.
  3. Make mini goals and deadlines so you have a clear path. Give yourself rewards when you make the goal, like a new pair of ToeSox!
  4. Start moving. A good workout, yoga class, or nature walk will shake off stagnant energy and stir the fresh, creative energy you need to make your dreams come true.
  5. Start now! If you fall off track, simply correct and continue. You can begin again at any moment.