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A local elementary school is teaching their 6th graders about business, finance, goals, and marketing by following the format of a popular reality TV show, Shark Tank. The students are to use their imaginations to harvest an entrepreneurial concept. They have one month to develop their plan and then present it to a panel of judges, just like on the show. ToeSox was asked to be part of the experience. Vice President Christina Patterson presented the ToeSox story and showed them how an Ah-Ha moment can lead to a big idea.
ToeSox idea
After a year of R&D, ToeSox was ready to launch with it Full ToeSox with Grip. Soon after, they started getting feedback from customers, especially dancers, telling them how ToeSox are rehabilitating their feet. From there, the idea grew. Nearly eight years later, ToeSox is a health and wellness company specializing in five toe footwear. Three companies presented their business stories. The main message was this: Believe in your idea. Get excited about it. And others will too.

School presentationPresenting to 6th graders