Slow Down

Magnet with Quote - be happy in this moment. this moment is your life Pop Quiz: When someone asks, "How are you?", do you: a. Reply with a stock answer "Good, and you?" but never really hear their answer b. Reply "I've been crazy busy!" c. Ignore it, you are in a rush and didn't even hear the question. Seems like more and more of us are multi-tasking, but are we multi-doing? Are we staying focused and completing our goals? In a recent Huffington Post article, Yes is the New No, Ira Israel notes that, "The problem is that busyness has become part of personal identity, how we get our sense of self." My challenge to you is to slow down. Avoid telling people how busy you are - that doesn't define you and it shouldn't answer the question "How are YOU?". The moments you are connecting with people are special and we should never be too CRAZYBUSY to experience them.