Best Workouts of 2015

Good health is always in style, but the workouts to get there may not be. Upon reviewing the survey results that determine what the top fitness trends of the year will be, we think they're pretty accurate. In fact, they match our picks for best workouts in 2015. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has us seeing orange. There's a science to maximizing fat burn during your workout and it's based on keeping your heart rate in the "orange zone" for a specific period of time. Studios like Orange Theory Fitness are popping up everywhere and offering HIIT classes. The workouts are fast-paced with short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by recovery time. HIIT is considered one of the best and fastest ways to achieve weight loss and muscle tone. Yoga is still one of the fastest growing exercises in the U.S.. While we consider yoga a practice for life and not just a workout, we don't mind getting sweaty and even strength training our way to savasana. The many styles of yoga keeps us on our toes and our practice ever-evolving. Pilates and barre classes are the best classes for core training because they focus on constant engagement of the pelvis and stomach muscles. A toned tummy not only makes us look trimmer, but it helps ease back pain and supports a graceful posture (you might actually grow taller). It's all about the tuck (and the bass for that matter). No treadmill can offer the same experience that an outdoor workout can. The fresh air, scenery, and variation of topography, motivate our senses and body. If the weather permits, we will always choose an outdoor run, hike, kayak, or boot camp; it just feels good. That's why we're glad nature made its way on this year's "best of" list. Our culture at ToeSox is to inspire health through natural movement and that includes all forms of fitness. So while we love knowing the top fitness trends, we're forever voting healthy at #1.