Boot Camp for Feet

Your feet have loved a summer of toe-spreading bliss, but now it's time to store the sandals and bring out the boots. Cozy fall footwear calls for shoes that draw toes together, preventing the wiggle. It's important to keep your feet happy and strong all year round. So when you kick off your boots, try these bitty exercises for maximum impact: 1. With feet flat, lift and spread your toes. Repeat 10 times. 2. Curl your toes under as though you were raking leaves with them. Repeat 10 times. 3. Stand on a hard surface with your toes on the edge of a hand towel. Gather the towel under the arch of your foot with your toes. 4. Lift your big toe, keeping the littlest toe down flat. Repeat 10 times. 5. Reverse the previous exercise and lift your little toe, leaving the big toe down. Repeat 10 times. 6. To stretch, sit on the edge of a chair with a firm seat. Bring your foot onto the opposite knee and pull all the toes down with your hand until you feel a gentle stretch. Then push the toes up. 7. Stand or sit on the edge of a chair. Press into your toes, lifting the heel until you feel a stretch in the arch of the foot. 8. Put the tops of your toes on the ground and gently press forward until you feel a stretch in the top of the foot. By strengthening the feet, your soles will feel less tired and more revived. It just takes a little toe boot camp. Keep spreading love and toes.