Fun for Fall

We love our normal routine, but it's time to shift it up, just like the seasons. Weather is cooling, days are shorter, and sugars are taunting us, so we're trying these simple ways to help us have fun this fall. 1. Embrace the moon. The sun is setting earlier, which means the moon is lingering longer. While your tea is steeping, step outside in the morning for an invigorating brisk air stretch in the moonlight. After dinner, take your family on a 20 minute walk to recap the day and set intentions for tomorrow. 2. Layer up. Temperatures are dropping but that doesn't mean we stop sweating when we're working out outside. You may be tempted to remove layers as you get hot, but the air and sweat will make you cold. Keep your muscles warm so they can activate and perform better by wearing light layers and keeping them on. 3. Try something new. Kids are back in school and learning. We should learn something new too. Take on a DIY project, try a new class like sculpt yoga, try meditating, or pick up a new book. Change it up because it's good for your mind and your body. 4. Find your sweet reward. All those holiday sweets may be tempting....they're everywhere! Finding a healthier version of your favorite sweet treat is fun and satisfying. We are in love with the Almond Joy and Rice Crispy Treat recipes from Nourishmint Wellness. 5. Focus on the senses. See the leaves changing color, listen to the fire crackling, smell the chai, taste the pumpkin, feel your soft sweater. When we pay attention to all of the senses around us, it means we are present and in the moment. Enjoy it!