Secret Lunch Workout

We know how it goes - a busy work week, caring for the kids, enjoying a social life, and getting a good nights sleep (we recommend seven hours). It can be hard to find "me" time in the midst of a hectic schedule. Working out is one of the best ways to get away, while relieving physical and mental stress. So when do you find the time? We've found a few ways to sneak in a secret workout during lunch. No one will know and you will feel better. If you don't have time to get to the gym during your hour break, log on to sites like Yogaglo and Pilates Anytime. They each offer an array of class styles and time intervals so you can get fit right from the computer...even behind a closed office door. 1. Hair. Start the day with a messy top knot. We love the simple yet professional look, that also helps hide sweaty tendrils after your workout. Learn more workout dos from Beauty High. 2. Skin. Cleanse your face before and after your workout to avoid dirty toxins seeping into your pores. Try these natural towelettes by Alba Botanica. 3. Hydrate. Even out and hydrate skin tone with a light layer of tinted moisturizer. We like natural ingredients like seaweed and natural minerals. Learn about La Mer and other natural tinted moisturizers here. 4. Smell Good. Spritz a good-smelling scent all over your body to balance your spirit as you head back into work mode. We love essential oils and totally dig the Cool Hottie balancing blend by Aura Cacia. Whether it's yoga flow class, circuit training, or a walk around the block, be sure to take the time for yourself...even if you have to hide your escape.