Fun on Your Own Playground

Quantum Playground geometric bars
The seconds seemed to tick by slowly. The wait was unbearable as we sat patiently until the teacher dismissed us for recess. Then we'd race to the playground - soar on the swings, climb on the monkey bars, and play tag in the field. Playing is fun. But somewhere along our journey, we've taken recess out of our daily routine. The good news is that recess is what we make of it. Just because we grow older doesn't mean we have to grow up (all the way anyway). Being a kid was fun because we were expected to play. Our parents would encourage us to "go play outside" and "go play with friends". We colored, danced, sang, imagined, ran, laughed. What's stopping you today from playing? Be a big kid and pretend... A yoga mat is a grassy hill to roll down... The Pilates cadillac is your jungle gym... A morning run is a game of tag... A hike is a climb to the castle to save a princess... Break for recess and let yourself play. Jen Healy (pictured) plays everyday on geometric bar structures that form a modern "playground". The Quantum Playground strengthens and stretches the body. Jen wears grip gloves so it's all fun and never a slip.

Quantum PlaygroundQuantum Playground geometric bars upside down