Getting to know Koya Webb

koya-webb-sandals-sitting When on the hunt for ToeSox ambassadors, we look for inspiring humans who have a passion for spreading love (and toes). That’s how we came to know Koya Webb. Originally from Tennessee and now based in LA, Koya is an internationally recognized holistic health and wellness coach, author, motivational speaker, and professional fitness model. She is on a mission to revolutionize raw/vegan cuisine, yoga and the holistic living landscape. When you meet Koya Webb in person, you will notice two things:
  1. Koya’s skin is so beautiful you can tell she is just as healthy on the inside as she is on the outside. Exercise and a clean diet are no doubt the main ingredients to her healthy appearance and radiant skin. You will want to follow her every wellness tip to the tee to glow like she does (you might even turn vegan).
  1. Koya is always wearing ToeSox sandals. When we asked what her favorite sandal outfit is, the SoCal girl confesses that “every outfit is a sandal outfit!” She wears her ToeSox sandals everyday for the style and comfort -- “the sandals make my feet feel as if I'm walking on the most cushy yoga mat all day!” With four toes posts on the flip flop sandal instead of a single post, ToeSox sandals encourage the toes to spread. Yogis know the importance of spreading the toes because it provides a wider base to stand on which helps stability and posture. Koya understands the power of her favorite footwear. “The sandals have helped my toes spread which helps with stress in my knees and lower back.”
koya-webb-sandals-handstand koya-webb-sandals-wall We got to witness firsthand at a recent photo shoot just how infectious Koya’s happy energy is, so we asked her a few fun questions to learn more about what makes Koya tick. What do you love? Water, Wind, Flowers, Fruit, Life and all the beautiful things in it. What is your super power? Love Who is your role model? Michelle Obama Best advice? Live in love while taking life one breath at a time. Explore. Travel. Connect. What would you be doing if weren’t doing what you are now? Be a professional singer Where is your favorite place in the world? Hawaii Favorite movie? Love and Basketball Favorite book? The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman. Motto/quote you live by? Get Loved Up: Love yourself, love others, and love your world. What is a talent no one knows about? Acting What makes you laugh out loud? People getting surprised Where can people find you? @koyawebb