Press Play: Songs that move you

dance-socks-music Music has the power to pump us up or calm us down. When you push play, music becomes the soundtrack to what you do -- whether you’re flowing in a yoga class, going for a run, doing plié pulses at the barre or just chilling at home. It's easy to feel how music affects you. Pay attention to your body language when your favorite songs come on. Do you smile, bob your head, shake your hips, tap your foot, feel lighter and freer? That's the magic of music. It’s proven that the tunes we love and listen to positively affect us physically, physiologically and psychologically. An article by Greatist lists 20 studies that scientifically prove the benefits of music – from improving endurance to relieving pain to decreasing recovery time. We caught up with our ambassadors to hear the music they move to. We asked them to tell us their top 3 songs that move you and describe the feeling they feel when they hear the music play. here to play all of our Ambassadors' song picks.>

What music do you rock out to?

Amy Ippoliti
  • Stole the Show by Kygo
  • Fashion by David Bowie
  • Show Me the Way by Papa Wemba
“Each of the songs either brings back great memories, or just simply makes me smile and feel happy.” Courtney Miller
  • For yoga - Soulful beats like Work Song by Hozier
  • For Pilates - Upbeat folk like Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy
  • For cardio - Top 40/Hip Hop like Me Myself & I by G-Eazy
“I feel powerful, happy, energized, inspired, and in the Moment” Kate Butenbach
  • Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers. “When the beat drops, I just want to sprint!”
  • Cheap Thrills by Sia. “This one is so fun and makes me want to dance in my underwear/order a margarita.”
  • Dancing on Glass by St. Lucia. “If sunshine had a sound it would be this song. Total mood booster!”
Kenna Couch
  • For dancing at the club or in my room, The Hills by The Weekend. “This song is my current fave and makes me want to dance in my undies and leg warmers.”
  • For barre/contemporary dance, 200 Press by James Blake. “This artist inspires me to move in a way that is original and authentic to me that fuses all the disciplines I’ve worked in over the years and create some seriously awesome and different kind of movement.”
  • For yoga, Nataraja by Jai Uttal/Ben Leinbach. “It really touches my soul and connects me to my spirit. It relaxes me in a beautiful and uplifting way.”
Koya Webb
  • Let's Go by Calvin Harris/Ne-yo. "This one makes me ready for the day!"
  • Me Myself & I by G-Eazy. "This one gives me confidence."
  • Lean On by Major Lazer. "This one makes me feel connected."
Robin Martin
  • Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay
  • Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
  • Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine
“When any one of these songs come on I want to move and flow on my breath. One breath per pose, making my yoga flow a dance - moving to the rhythm of the music. Or just dance!” YogaSlackers Sam and Raquel
  • Adir Adirim by Balkan Beat Box
  • Roll If You Fall by Barefoot Truth
  • Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas
“These songs are songs that make us smile. Then the hips start moving and before we know it we are moving around doing handstands or conditioning while head banging a little (aka. Sam's dancing).”


  • Pay attention to how you feel when you listen to different musical genres. Do you feel calm, anxious, happy? Just because it’s background music doesn’t mean your brain isn’t putting it into your psychological foreground. Change the station if it doesn’t feel good.
  • Test your tastes. If you haven’t listened to solo piano, Mozart symphony, reggae, or Motown classics - try it. Not only will you give your body and brain a new beat, but you will treat your cultural tastebuds.
  • Let the music move you. Literally. Movement and dance with music is a powerful tool to tap into your authentic self. Twirl in the middle of the room, sway and jump around -- pay no matter to people watching or feeling silly. Being in a childlike state elevates the mood and softens the shell to our core.
  • Connect with others. Whether it’s going to a big concert, open-mic at a small cafe, or strumming the guitar around the fire, share the riches of music to feel deeper connected to those around you.
Share your music. Create a playlist of the songs you love and send it to others. A playlist is like a little story about where you are in life – what moves you and what makes you feel alive.