GOOOOOAL for Strong Legs

by Rebekah Rotstein, ToeSox anatomy expert Anyone else have World Cup fever? The excitement of national pride, the passion of players going for glory, the dedication, joy and tears of teammates and fans alike. What's not to like? And check out agile, strong and fit these soccer (aka "football") players are. Ever notice their developed shins and calves? After the finals this week, try this exercise to tone your own lower legs. It's so simple you can do it while sitting in front of the television. With your feet on the ground, wiggle your toes as fast as you can. After just a few seconds you may start to feel the front of your shins fatigue. Try to build up to 30 seconds and eventually a minute. You feel this since the muscles controlling your toe movement extend up toward your knees. Convenient and quick, right? GOOOOOOOOAL!!! Learn more about Rebekah - creator of the award-winning DVD and workout Pilates for Buff Bones. She runs her own exercise and Pilates studio in Manhattan and guest presents throughout the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics including functional anatomy, rehabilitation and bone health.