Health Secret Everyone Should Know About

via Well+Good It's no secret that we love nutritious foods and a daily sweat. That's not to say, we don't indulge in the occasional Netflix binge with a glass of wine. It's all about balance. That means being healthy isn't just about what you eat and how you sweat? It's also about how you give. Wellness is defined as the balance of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Sometimes caring for our spirit (or emotional health) gets neglected - probably because we must move our attention away from ourselves and focus on others. In a recent post on Well+Good, we learned that after actress Minka Kelly's mom passed from cancer her grieving stirred her spirit to help others. She notes, "to be of service means a lot to me, and it fills my heart." She credits her health to eating right, doing yoga and, mostly importantly, giving back. Give it a try - volunteer at a women's shelter, help start a community garden, walk shelter dogs, or donate to a cause that's important to you. Give love and support to others because we need to build community. The bonus is that giving back gives us a helper's high by releasing a mood-elevating chemical in the brain called dopamine. Other benefits of helping others include lowered blood pressure, better pain management, and longer lifespan. Give yourself to others and give back to your health!