Run and Repeat Your Mantra

They say the first mile or two of a run are the hardest because your body is warming up. Then the runner's high kicks in and we get in "the zone". Feet strike the ground - boom, boom, boom. Arms lightly swing - swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Sweat bubbles to the surface - drip, drip, drip. The heart beats faster - inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. What keeps you going? Many runners have a phrase or quote that plays in their head. Repeating a mantra on your run takes the movement into a meditation where your mind clears and your body just goes. Wanderlust Festival begged the question on social media: What mantra (or quote) motivates you during a run? Reading through the comments is both inspiring and entertaining so we listed several of them for your empowerment. Find what resonates with you, then run and repeat.

Easy, light, smooth, fast

I am strong

I am not going to give up on myself

Sweat is weakness leaving the body

Yes I can

Strength resides between effort and ease

I am an athlete

Keep swimming, keep swimming (from Finding Nemo)

Run your heart out, run your heart free

I can do this

Thank you, thank you, thank you