Holiday Feet Treat

by Rebekah Rotstein It's the kick-off of to holiday season! But are your feet ready to kick? For many of us, this becomes a season of stilettos and standing at holiday parties, which can translate to sore feet and legs. Or it means schlepping around buying gifts leading to aching backs and shoulders. Try this exercise this month for some foot/leg/back/shoulder restoration: 1. Lie on your back with one knee bent and the other foot reaching to the ceiling with your heel. 2. Grab the back of the thigh and try straightening your knee, pushing into your hands. 3. Pull your toes toward your face, flexing your foot and hold that for a few seconds while you breathe deeply, relaxing your shoulders. 4. Try moving your foot in different directions to experience a different type of stretch. Because the connective tissue known as fascia literally connects the various muscles and encases nerves which hydrate and nourish, you'll be able to release and restore multiple areas of the body at once. Give your back, legs, and feet a holiday treat by treating them to this exercise daily for maximum impact. Learn more about Rebekah - creator of the award-winning DVD and workout Buff Bones®. She runs her own exercise and Pilates studio in Manhattan and guest presents throughout the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics including functional anatomy, rehabilitation and bone health.