Holiday Travel Essentials

Are you packing up and heading out for the holidays? It's hard packing light with heavy winter layers, but here are some must-haves that will lift you up and won't weigh you down: Drink more water than normal 24 hours before you leave for your trip so you start our hydrated (most of us are regularly dehydrated). Then continue to drink plenty of water during your flight or road trip. Your body needs extra support to keep you healthy. Starting the day with warm lemon water is a natural way to balance your alkaline levels and to awaken your organs for the day. Lemon essential oil will provide the same effect when you aren't near fresh produce. Travel takes a toll on your skin, digestion, and energy. A daily shot of apple cider vinegar will balance your pH and provide an immunity protection against the elements. Fill up a 3 oz. travel size container to help you during long travel days. Traveling comfortably is crucial. Leggings are the easiest (and lightest) pants you can pack that provide a multitude of styling options for every place planned on your itinerary. Layer with leg warmers for extra warmth and splash of color. Keeping a routine is difficult when you travel, and often the lack of fitness and indulgence of food makes us feel more stressed when we return from our trip. Keep your body moving by doing a daily yoga or stretching sequence. Instead of packing your bulky yoga mat, bring a pair of grip socks and grip gloves. Airplanes are drafty and lack clean circulating air. Keep your feet in socks and neck wrapped in a scarf for a cozier flight that will help your body stay relaxed. All of these must-haves will fit perfectly in your carry on bag. Travel warm and healthy this holiday and return refreshed for the New Year!