How to create a space you love for yoga

yoga-home-mat-toesox From stress relief to heart health, from improved balance to increased strength and flexibility, yoga is how we get into mental, emotional and physical shape. We love stepping inside the yoga studio to connect with community, vibe with the energy of our mat neighbor, and learn modifications and alignment cues from our knowledgeable instructor. Practicing yoga in a studio setting has many benefits, but so does finding a practice at home. Developing a home yoga practice has the convenience of comfort with constant availability. Not only are you able to get your zen on at any moment, you are also mindfully creating a space of your very own. how to create a space you love for yoga

Guide to creating your at-home yoga room:

  1. Choose a place in your home that feels special to you. It can be a whole room or just a corner. It can be naturally bright or dimly lit. This place will act as your sanctuary and is the first step to creating your sacred space.
  2. Now that you’ve chosen the location, remove everything out of the way so you have a clean palette to decorate.

Tip: Perform a sage smudging ritual to clear your space and cleanse your aura.


Use soft, diffused light to invoke a calm state. Place a sheer fabric over a lamp, draw the curtains to avoid direct sunlight, and use candles to create a more intimate mood. Candles also provide a beautiful focal point for meditation.


Use neutrals and soft hues to invite a relaxed environment. If you love color like we do, play with color accents over the neutral foundation.

Tip: Use matte finishes for walls, pictures and décor to lessen any distracting glares.


Layer your floor with rugs, bolsters and pillows to soften and comfort your seated meditation. Try using patterns that inspire you or go monochromatic for a clean and natural feel. This is your sacred space – anything goes as long as it makes you feel happy.

Touch of Nature

Plants not only bring life and color to a space, they also help clean the air. Try one of these:
  • Terrarium - easy to make and low maintenance
  • Succulents – small, space-saving greens are also no fuss
  • Green plants and ivy – philodendrons bring in lush life and grow great indoors
  • Fresh cut flowers – honor your space and yourself with fresh flowers

Tip: Remove dead flowers immediately so the energy in the room stays alive and healthy


Lift your senses by filling your space with delicious aromas that invigorate, calm or cleanse. Essential oils, diffusers, candles or incense are great ways to get your zenful air circulating.

Personal Touch

Once your space is set, it’s time to show up with mindfulness. Ready yourself for the space you made with these important touches:
  • Wear comfortable and functional clothes that your body move and flow.
  • Wear yoga socks to warm up cold feet, provide a slip-free practice on any surface, and help keep toes spreading naturally while you flow through your home sequence.
  • Wear mala beads or use crystals to draw in a spiritual and grounding force to help guide your physical practice into a soulful one.
There’s no place like home.