Happiness Tips: How to tell yourself 'I Love You'

love-yourself-love-story What if the greatest love story ever told was about the love you gave yourself (we don't mean in an ego-maniacal way). What if giving yourself tender loving care opened up more space to love others? Well, it does! Check out our happiness tips on giving yourself the love you deserve. Walk into any bookstore, find the “self help” aisle and you will see rows of books with the same message: love yourself. Truly loving yourself lends to higher self-worth, better health, less jealously, less anxiety and the ability to give more unconditional love to others because you aren't inhibited by expectations or fear. Watch your bliss level rise as you positively impact your life and others with 4 special gifts to yourself that say “I love me”:

Leave a love note

It sounds pretty easy (in theory) to love yourself. Simply say “I love myself,” right? Just as easily as that proclamation is to make, how fast are we to also discount ourselves with negative thoughts and self-talk? I’m too fat. I’m not strong enough. I’m not smart enough. I could never do that. Start undoing the negativity with a love note. Write down 5 things you love most about yourself. Hang it where you will see it often, like your car, fridge, bathroom mirror, or desk.

Quality time

We get caught up in taking such good care of others (friends, spouses, kids) that we leave little time for ourselves. When was the last time you took 10 minutes to meditate, take a bath or go for a walk outside? It may not be a calorie-burning workout you want, but it could be just what you need. These moments of self-care decrease stress and release mood-elevating chemicals in the brain. The gift of quality time demonstrates to yourself that you care about YOU.

Make yourself dinner

Indulgent, decadent sweets are often the go-to gift to say “I Love You”. Why not do something different that will really be treating yourself? Try a new recipe and make yourself a healthy dinner. Light candles, play music and savor each bite. Not only will you feel accomplished, you will also feel less bloated, more energized and superbly nourished… by YOU!

Buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait for someone else to give you flowers. Brighten your own day (and home) with a fresh bouquet. Grab a pretty vase, snip the stems and appreciate the aromatic and colorful gift for days. Practicing self-love is a life-long journey. Luckily, it’s an enjoyable one with countless benefits that improve your life and everyone around you. Receive your love with guiltless pleasure and gratitude. You are worth it.