How to have the best Spring Break

Spring-break-getaway-toesox-hero Remember spring break as a kid? It was just time given to us. Now, we have to ask for the time off and then we end up working on our tablets and answering work calls! Enough is enough. Let's disconnect and getaway. If you're ready like we are, take these tips to heart and make your time off the best spring break for your body and mind. Preparation is key As soon as your vacation is set (tickets are purchased and days off are granted), it's time to get organized. Make a list of essentials needed for the trip. Do you need to renew your passport? Get certain vaccinations? Writing down what you need keeps you organized as you check items off, without having to remember everything. Be sure to pack these vacay must-haves: Spring-break-getaway-toesox
  • Sunglasses (Raen)
  • Sunscreen
  • Maya Sandals (ToeSox)
  • Water Bottle (Pigment)
  • Journal
  • Beach Towel (doubles as a blanket for the airplane)
  • Good book
  • Lipgloss with SPF
  • Yoga gloves and yoga socks by ToeSox - these grips for your hands and feet allow you to practice yoga anywhere without bringing your heavy yoga mat with you.
On your way Once you’re on your way, give yourself permission to settle in. Often it takes 2-3 days before we are able to fully disconnect. Don’t waste that time. Instead, be proactivity peaceful with these travel tricks:
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode to prevent text and email alerts. You can still listen to your favorite music and podcasts.
  • Schedule a daily nap. Most adults don’t have time (or take the time) for a nap. When you make the 30-minute slumber part of your itinerary, you can catch up on some rest without stressing that you’re missing out on something else.
  • Make obstacles part of the adventure. If your flight gets delayed or your excursion is rained out, let that be part of the fun. If there's nothing you can do about the situation, then there's no reason to come undone. This is your relaxing vacation -- let nothing spoil it.
  • Meditate each morning. By setting aside time each day to soak in your experience in silence, you provide your body and mind the capacity to welcome in more of the emotions and moods you listed above.
  • Check in with your emotions. For example, if you envision a calm, serene vacation, then say no to the activity that causes anxiety and choose the activity that fosters the feelings you want. Don't let FOMO override your path.