Practice trying something new

yoga-class-toesox They say practice makes perfect. They also say variety is the spice of life. Can you experience both? We think you can. Similar to how one pair of grip socks are designed to help your feet through a variety of sweat-worthy workouts, your one body is designed to move in many different ways. If you keep at something long enough you will naturally improve because of your focused intent. With a regular yoga practice, your balance gets better and you finally discover your way into Standing Head to Knee pose (Dandayamana Janushirasana). A dedication Pilates passion makes your core so strong you learn to Snake on the reformer like a pro. After tucking 100 times in barre class, you embrace the shaking muscles and can releve to the final count. All of the practice allows your body’s muscle memory to kick in and refine the details of the pose. On the other hand, mixing up a routine is a great way to engage other muscles and improve your overall fitness level. You might find that your Pilates regimen improves your spin class performance. Or maybe the strength from barre class enhances your Warrior series in yoga. It's now easier to cross train to your heart and body's content with the availability of apps, like MindBody, that make it simple for you to find an assortment of classes near you. To show our love of the practice and of variety, we are teaming up with MindBody for a fun collaboration! In March, as part of their Book It. Love It. LA event, ToeSox is outfitting several studio classes in Los Angeles. If you're in the LA area be sure to get the app and reserve your spot in one of the following free event classes: Saturday, March 12 Body and Fitness Assessment + Pilates: Join Archer Pilates & Wellness for a free Pilates class and let them show you some of the wonderful ways they help their clients become their best. They will also be offering body assessment fitness tests, and discussions on diet and BMI measurements! 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Archer Pilates & Wellness 6504 Arizona Ave, Los Angeles, CA Tuesday, March 15 Pilates Mat + Wine and Unwind: Enjoy a rejuvenating 60-minute Pilates Mat Fusion class with Pilates & Arts Echo Park, followed by a 30-minute stretching session where you'll relax and unwind with complimentary wine. 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Pilates & Arts Echo Park 1844 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA Saturday, March 19 Exploring That Rectangle Sitting On Top Of Your Hips: Learn to live in your body the Pilates way with Body Arts Pilates. Take this workshop to focus on lifting your spine through your powerhouse. 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM Body Arts Pilates 4242 West Sunset Blvd #6, Silverlake, CA Friday, March 25 Sweat, Stretch, and Lengthen with Hot Pilates: Get that beach body you've always wanted with Hot Pilates! Come sweat, stretch and lengthen your muscles to get ready for Summer. 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Hot Pilates 8604 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA Thursday, March 31 Wine-ilates @ HALE Pilates: Start with a Pilates Reformer/TRX combo class with 25 minutes on the reformer, then move to the TRX to get your heart rate pumping and some serious calorie burning. Then stick around for an open house to take a tour, meet the instructors, take a free body composition analysis, and enjoy some wine. 6:00PM-6:50PM & 7:00PM-7:50PM HALE Pilates Method 326 Pacific Coast Hwy #100, Redondo Beach, CA TO BOOK ANY OF THESE EVENTS: 1) Choose an event from the list of events below. **NOTE: SPACE IS LIMITED IN ALL EVENTS. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW. 2) Download and log in to the MINDBODY app: 3) Search for the business name 4) Go to the schedule, find the correct day, and book the free event.