Make a big change with one month of barre class

isometric_barre-socks by Shannon Higgins, owner of Studio Barre What scares us about trying something new? It’s usually the unexpected elements, right? It’s all of the unknowns and “what ifs” that get in the way when a great opportunity arises. Some of us (because this clearly doesn’t apply to you uber-brave souls out there) have a really hard time putting those questions or doubts aside and just GOING FOR IT. Everyone understands what it’s like to be the new kid, and we’re here to help ease your transition from a shy, prospective tucker to a confident and experienced back dancer. Below is a rundown, an evolution really, of what happens to you from the moment you try a barre class (I’m sharing the Studio Barre perspective) to what you’ll experience after that for the next 30 days. Most importantly, you’ll learn all of the amazing results that will keep you coming back for more.


You’re the scared newbie walking through our door with eyes as wide as saucers! You look around and there are incredible looking women wearing ridiculously cute outfits, with tight and tiny tushies and sexy toned arms. You’re greeted by someone at the front desk who is more than happy to get you set up with a mat, help you get your equipment, and introduce you to an instructor who appears to be able to bend in every direction without breaking a sweat. As the music goes up and everyone around you starts moving, they all seem to understand what to do and what comes next, and you feel like you’re endlessly fumbling and failing at what originally seemed like an easy, uncomplicated workout when you first signed up. Somewhere along the line, while your legs are shaking uncontrollably and you think you might pass out, a fit fellow class member smiles and tells you how much she remembers her first day, and how nervous she was. With a sincere smile, she encourages you to keep going.

“Don’t worry, you’ll LOVE it!” (But you don’t)

In fact, you’re overwhelmed and exhausted. Time to go home, right? No way are you going to hang with these people! But wait, even though the workout was hard, everyone you interacted with from start to finish provided nothing but positive encouragement. In fact, you sort of…liked them.


You’ve worked through your initial soreness, which wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, and you decided to return to a studio where the welcome was warm. Even though the workout was challenging, you were treated like your presence really and truly mattered. And if it’s even possible, you’re feeling stronger already. Maybe it’s because you’ve realized that every single instructor teaches the same warm-up and stretches, and that helps you relax a bit. You’re beginning to understand the rhythm of the class, and you are already remembering certain moves by heart. You’re on the cusp of finding that magical coordination that allows you to glide through a routine instead of tripping over your own feet. Speaking of feet, you’ve invested in a VERY cute pair of barre socks made especially for the classes. They help you blend in a bit; you’ve got the right gear. And are your legs feeling leaner? Maybe that relevé thing is legit! studio-barre-floor-exercise


BIG accomplishments today! First, you actually understand what the VERY peppy and enthusiastically bendy instructor is saying for the most part. And second, you’ve made some barre class buddies! You are already welcomed as you walk into the room by women who you barely knew less than a week ago, and you share little tidbits about your day as everyone waits for class to start. Your instructor recognizes you too, letting you know how proud she is of your perseverance. She calls you out by name during class, complimenting your posture and you have a proud “look at me!” moment that nobody but a fellow barre devotee will ever understand. You spend a majority of your day with a smile on your face and a proud heart.


It’s one thing to know what you should be doing, and it’s another thing for your body to actually DO it! The instructor tells you to “tuck” and instantaneously you’re moving into a rhythmic pelvic tilt. The instructor tells you to engage your outer seat, and you notice that your leg is moving all on its own as you squeeze your tush tighter and tighter. It’s an AMAZING feeling when you get it. When the mind and body work together as one you discover that you’re getting more out of your 60-minute workout than you ever have before.

DAY 15:

You’re officially in your happy place! Your clothes are a bit on the loose side, your husband just complimented your shapely legs and rear end (he can’t keep his hands off you!) and you’re officially addicted. Nope, there’s no cure for this – there’s just more barre!

DAY 20:

You just added BIKINI SHOPPING to your to-do list and you’re actually looking forward to it. A barre bod is a toned and tight bod, worthy of a fabulous bathing suit and a tropical vacation! What better way to reward your hard work?

DAY 25:

You’re non-barre friends are starting to take notice of your ear-to-ear smile and your shrinking waistline. They want to know how you did it – what’s your secret - new diet, magic pill? As much as you want to keep this all to yourself, you’re happy to inform them that it’s not magic… it’s hard work. You’ve earned every single compliment! You give them the details and their own wheels start to turn. The recruitment has begun…

DAY 30:

You see a scared little newbie wander into the studio, and you remember that first day. You’re no longer the new kid and you know it’s your duty to help her feel welcome. You want her to have the same positive experience you did. You have her set up next to you. When you see her struggling and her legs are shaking, you give her a sincere smile and tell her how you remember your first day and how scared you were. You tell her she made the best choice ever and that you hope she’ll love it as much as you do. You wish for her the same perseverance that you had to come back and try it again and again and again.