Yoga ab exercises one fitness expert swears by

lauren-griffith-profile Yoga is often thought of as stretching - a relaxing "workout". While the body definitely bends, stretches and flexes in ways that feel like stretching, there is so much more to the physical asanas. Check out these Yoga ab exercises to strengthen your core and get the midsection you've always wanted. Just like Pilates, yoga focuses on alignment and engagement of the core. Strengthening the abdominals is crucial to achieve the full benefit of many, if not all, yoga poses. When the abs are strong, we are better able to support every pose - from forward folds to twists and backbends, inversions and arm balances. ToeSox Influencer Lauren Griffith of Body by Lauren is a fitness expert and yoga instructor who focuses on the core in her yoga classes. She swears by these ab-strengthening moves you can do in yoga to heat up the core and body. WATCH: Ab Moves with Body by Lauren
Follow the images below for step by step alignment for each of the abdominal moves. Tip: remember to breathe (and smile).

Exercise #1 - Dancing Dog


Exercise #2 - Side Twist


Exercise #3 - Wild Boat


Exercise #4 - Alternate Forearm Twist


Exercise #5 - Ab Flow