Power of Compression

What's up with running in knee high socks? We're here to report that it's much more than a flashy fashion statement, it's the power of compression. Graduated compression socks means there is the most compression near the ankle and lesser compression at the top of the calf. Why is that important?
  • Better Performance – muscles need blood! Compression helps improve circulation of deoxygenated blood to the heart
  • Better Recovery - allows your body to bounce back faster by reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Fights Muscle Fatigue –provides support to the legs reducing muscle vibration from repeat impact that can cause unnecessary stress to muscles
  • Travel Safe -makes long flights more comfortable by reducing the swelling that can happen when your body has to sit still for long periods of time
Next time you're running the distance, recovering like a champ or traveling a thousand miles, grab a pair of compression socks and feel their tough love.