Warrior Within

@livinglately In yoga, Warrior pose (specifically Virabhadrasana 2) has us feeling a mixed bag of emotions. We want to feel the spirit of the strong warrior - steady and true. As we lunge deeper and hold longer our legs begin to tremble. Our warrior wanes and something uncomfortable surfaces. The burn! If you're like us, there's a desire to flow through the series a little swifter. Not only to feel like a graceful dancer, but to get the heck out of that lunge! Warrior II works the hips and the thighs to a place that doesn't seem natural when done correctly. There is so much physical minutiae to this pose, that it takes mental and physical presence to settle in. The front foot heel is aligned with the arch of the back foot, the outside of back foot presses down allowing the arch to lift, the tailbone lengthens down while the crown lifts taller, the front leg bends to a 90 degree position while making certain the knee isn't falling inward, the arms stretch apart, the torso rests centered. Softly yet powerfully hold and focus... Just when you want to release, hold it longer. Staying steady in the discomfort (never pain) even one second longer than you think possible strengthens your body and mind to the way of the warrior. As with most everything in life, there will come a shift. Practice warrior pose to guide you through the mental, physical, and emotional alignment needed to recognize your warrior within.