Quick barre workout you can do anywhere

barre workout Erin Salvetti Even with our best intentions in mind and our barre socks on, sometimes we simply can't make it to the studio for a workout. Whether the weather has snowed you in, your child doesn't feel well, or your schedule simply won't give you an hour escape, there's still a way to get the shake you crave from your favorite barre class. Erin Salvetti (aka @livinglately) created an effective 10 minute barre workout you can do anywhere, anytime - while cooking dinner, on vacation, at a park, or on your lunch break. Erin is a dancer and former NFL Cheerleader who is now a barre instructor, busy mom, lifestyle blogger, and ToeSox influencer. She knows how to manage a busy day and also how important movement is to a healthy and balanced life. Don't let time or obstacles get in your way, just press play and get your barre basics done now. WATCH: 10 Minute Barre Basics: Do Anywhere Workout Series barre workout living lately