Quick Workouts That Work

@amyoppoliti photographed by @angelnatasia
While there are no short cuts to any place worth going (including your health) it's okay to adjust your workout to make room for other fun activities. If you're short on time but want to make sure you meet your fitness goals, look for quick and effective workouts. Here are a couple we love: Indoors Shannon Higgins of Studio Barre combines a series of 60-second straight-arm planks with mountain climbers to get her heart rate up. Also, try this full body exercise her studio does called "barre sit-ups":
  • Start on your back with your arms and legs extended
  • Curl your lower and upper body up to meet in the middle grabbing a hold of one leg and pulling it into your chest while you balance
  • Curl back down and repeat, switching legs
"This is a quick but impactful move that not only increases your core strength, but helps with flexibility and offers a nice hamstring stretch which is beneficial to your posture," says Higgins, "Squeeze in 15 minutes of rotating 60 second planks, mountain climbers and barre sit-ups with some stretching, and you’re golden!" Another great option is finding a 15- or 30-minute class on YogaGlo which can be done anywhere you take your phone or tablet. No excuses. Outdoors Take advantage of the weather and get outside. Amy Ippoliti's go-to workout is to hit the pavement or the trails for a vigorous walk or hike. "Throwing on sneakers and walking out the door requires virtually no gear, and that’s always the quickest!" Try this 26-minute interval run that gets your heart rate up and can scale based on your cardio and running comfort level (via Buzzfeed). Another tip to making sure you achieve your daily sweat, is to workout first thing in the morning. You may not feel up for it, but you won't regret the energy and accomplishment you feel when it's done. Give yourself 30-minutes of devoted time. That's an easy win for the day!