Better Upper Body with Pilates

by Ambassador Courtney Miller, International Pilates Educator Everyone knows Pilates is great for the core, but most people don't realize how amazing it can be for your upper body - especially the triceps and delts. Hello tank top-ready arms! Most Pilates apparatus use springs as resistance, so you target muscle groups, like arms, traditional exercise techniques often miss. You can amplify the effect by adding pulses or holds to really feel the burn. The result is chiseled arms and sexy shoulders. And you don't even have to do push ups! Great Arms in the Great Outdoors Take your Pilates off the mat and out of the studio this summer! Try this:
  • Use a park bench for 20 tricep dips during your fav hike
  • Be a Pilates beach babe and do 10 teasers in the sand
  • Plié on relevé with mini pulses for 2 minutes while you check your Insta feed!!
All these little moves will add up fast!!