Squash the Squish

Have you ever paid close attention to a baby's feet? Those chubby cheeks and gummy smiles probably take visual priority, but next time you have a chance, take a peek at their small toes and watch how they grip, wiggle and splay. It's a natural tendency to wiggle our digits, and babies do it well. Once shoes are introduced, those twinkling toes are drawn together to fit inside the capsule, thus begins the squish. Squishing your toes together is not only unnatural, but it can lead to an atrophy of small muscles in the feet due to lack of use. It's no wonder 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from foot pain (source: foot.com). While going barefoot is the best way to combat the toe squish, it's not always possible or safe. Imagine trekking over a gravel trail in bare feet...ouch! Or trying to get service at a restaurant (we've all been warned by the signs). Don't worry, you can still squash the squish with a natural approach to socks and shoes. We recommend wearing footwear that allows natural movement. Spreading your toes is the best thing you can do for your feet. And maybe the most fun too! (just ask the baby)