Yoga Bag Essentials - what we pack for practice

Best part of the day is yoga time! Before you clear your mind on the mat, what do you pack in your yoga bag? We pack our bag with these key ingredients for pre- and post- practice bliss.

1. BAG. We dig the Under Armour Perfect Flow Tote because it holds everything we need - sundries, mat, and sandals! Plus it's super cute and durable... because we do a lot of yoga.

2. MAT. Little yoga mats for your hands and feet. Explore the space off your mat with ToeSox grip socks and grip gloves. We love to flip our dog to find Wild Thing... without slipping into a wild mess.

3. CHI. We find balance to our performance and energy with a Power Balance wristband that's technology is inspired by Eastern philosophies.

4. WATER. Water is amazing, but Zico Coconut Water is delicious, hydrating, and just what we need after an active practice.

5. SNACK. We advise not to eat right before your yoga class, but an after-practice munchie not only replenishes and refuels, but the new Pure Bar Cashew Coconut bar is so yummy!

6. BOOK. If you get to class early (and we recommend you do), pull out the Big Book of Yoga to broaden your knowledge on the wonders of Yoga. If you have a question, this book will answer it (better than a Magic 8 Ball).

7. AT-HOME YOGA. Sometimes we just don't have time to get to the studio. In these cases, we pop in Kathryn Budig's Aim True DVD for the best sequence we could ask for. Enjoy your practice and what's in your bag. ENTER TO WIN all of our Ultimate Yoga Gear by clicking here.