Stay strong on summer vacation

ToeSox Grip Socks For Pilates, Yoga, and Barre Everybody needs a little time away. That’s why planning a well-deserved retreat helps relieve mental and physical exhaustion. The key is to get away before your breaking point. There’s a Sanskrit principle, Sthira Sukha Asanam, that recognizes the balance of effort and ease. Too much effort and we are sure to burn out – hence our need for a vacation. Too much ease and we just might lose all focus making our post-vacation return quite dreadful. With this valuable life practice in mind, stay strong on your summer vacation with these helpful tips: Practice morning yoga. Leave your yoga mat behind… all you need is your grip socks and grip gloves. Wake up to a new day in a new environment and flow through 10 minutes of Sun Salutations. As you bow to the sunrise, give thanks to where you are and the perseverance it took to get you there. Save up for your indulgences. If you normally eat clean (whole foods focused on fruits and veggies), then going berserk on vacay can leave you feeling sluggish from a major food hang over. Now is the perfect time to apply the 80/20 rule. Savor 20 percent of your intake on what you crave most. Go ahead and order the savory eggs benedict, sweet slice of cake, or a tart margarita. Just remember to stay steady and make 80 percent of your choices healthy ones. See the sights! Napping poolside is definitely a deserved treat while on vacation, but it's important and rewarding to also add excursions away from the resort to your itinerary. Rent bikes, take a hike, go snorkeling -- it doesn’t cost much to get your heart rate up and explore the land you’re in. Try to do one fitness-focused activity per day. Barre away from home. You might freeze your studio membership account while you’re gone but that doesn’t mean you need to skip the workout. Barre is one of the best workouts you can do and is also one of the easiest you can do ANYWHERE. Grab a lounge chair, park bench or boulder and try this short and effective barre workout you can do anywhere: Hopefully as you pack your bags to head back home, you feel refreshed and still strong.