Top 5 Yoga Retreat Destinations

costa-rica-journeys If you let it, one hour in yoga class will send you on a mental vacation that will refresh you. So imagine this feeling times 100! That’s a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats range from weekend jaunts to weeklong getaways. They are designed to immerse your body and mind into all parts of yoga – not just the physical asanas. The hopeful result is an awakened spirit and a heightened awareness of the present moment. There are literally thousands of yoga retreats held around the world each year. You don’t have to go far to take advantage of the benefits of a yoga retreat. However, if you have the time (and budget) why not pick a dream destination and let your yoga take flight. Not only will you deepen your practice, you will also open your mind to new cultures and ideas.

Here’s our list of top 5 dream yoga retreat destinations:

blog-yoga-retreats-costarica Costa Rica. This lush land will lull your woes. Whether it’s high in the rainforests or down on the beaches, this country is beyond beautiful with plentiful yoga offerings. It’s the perfect place for sandals, surfing and sun salutations. Yoga in Costa Rica. blog-yoga-retreats-bali Bali. This sacred gem beats to our wanderlust heart. The long flight is worth every ever jet lagged hour as you let the Balinese Hindu culture seep into your soul and expand your spiritual practice of yoga. Yoga in Bali. blog-yoga-retreats-iceland Iceland. This far off land is becoming a new addition to the modern bucket list. But much of this island is untouched with gushing geysers and flowing waterfalls. Pack your yoga socks for this northern escape. Yoga in Iceland. blog-yoga-retreats-utah Utah. Put on your hiking shoes and experience a moving meditation as you hike up breathtaking mountaintops and through colorful rock formations. Yoga, meditation and the great outdoors make this retreat an unforgettable close-to-home getaway. Yoga in Utah. blog-yoga-retreats-patagonia Patagonia. This place will create calmness and also give you an adrenaline rush as you explore yoga on an eco-adventure retreat. Bike, hike, sail and soak in the epic beauty of the scrolling virgin land. Yoga in Patagonia. No matter what yoga retreat you choose, you will come home feeling balance and renewed. A yoga retreat is a great and healthy way to have a mind, body, and soul vacation.