Test the Trails and Your Balance

Buff Bones Bit by Rebekah Rotstein While hiking back home in the Arizona desert, I was recently reminded of the importance of walking on unstable surfaces. Walking on gravel and rocks and dirt forces our feet to accommodate the changes in our substrate, the surface upon which we move, and we improve the efficiency of our nervous systems in the process. If you live in the northeast tundra like me with ice everywhere and the thought of a stroll in the woods is a mere dream, try walking in slow motion on several stacked yoga or Pilates mats and notice how your feet respond to maintain your balance. Sense where your body's effort increases and check in with yourself afterward off the mat to observe the difference before and after. Learn more about Rebekah - creator of the award-winning DVD and workout Pilates for Buff Bones. She runs her own exercise and Pilates studio in Manhattan and guest presents throughout the U.S. and internationally on a variety of topics including functional anatomy, rehabilitation and bone health. www.incorporatingmovement.com