10 Ways to Love

Valentine's Day has many fans and many haters. I get it. It commercializes love, makes us feel like we have to show love on one day by giving a gift, and reminds the singles that they're single. What if we look past all that and think of Valentine's Day as a calendar date to evaluate how we love others and ourselves. I've compiled my Top 10 Ways to Love that I hope will transcend February 14 and last throughout the year. 1. Listen more than you speak 2. Call (don't text) a loved one just to say, "I think you are awesome" 3. Hold someone's hand and feel that connection 4. Hug and don't be the first to let go 5. Make eye contact 6. Smile all day, even if it's forced 7. Sleep in and cuddle 8. Take a walk with a loved one. Nature incites silence and conversation...both are beautiful 9. Make sure the first 7 seconds of with another is kind and respectful. Those seconds impact the rest of your interaction with them. 10. Say Thank You Happy Valentine's Day! May it bring a year full of Love!