The Ultimate Barre Sock

Those sassy dames at the barre make it look so easy. You might even stop mid-pliè to watch their seemingly effortless pulses. But here’s the thing, even barre instructors themselves find themselves taking breaks and modifying the movements. Because barre is HARD, which is also why we love it so much. This results-focused workout knows just how to create the long and lean muscles every woman is after - from slim mid-section to lifted seat, rockin’ arms to toned stems. If barre is hard, how do these barre beauties get the most out of their movements? It's simple, by wearing barre socks with the technical features that raise the barre on performance and comfort.

You need the ultimate barre sock for your next barre class. Meet Plié and all of her glorious features:

  • Our non slip socks have a grippy sole that provides superior traction for safer movements. Whether your class had wood floors or carpet, your feet get slippery when they sweat. Keep them in place with the ToeSox patented grip sole.
  • Perfectly placed leather pads offer traction and comfort your feet during every pulse, shake + relevé. The rising and lowering, pulsing and tucking is not just exhausting for your legs, but also for the pads of your feet. They feel the burn too. These pads are a major help!
  • Five toe design anchors sock to the foot to minimize twisting + bunching. From big to minute movements, you want your sock to stay in place while helping your toes spread and perform naturally. Our ToeSox design gives you both.
  • Open foot design feels barely there. Barre class helps you build a dancer-like body, so you should also channel your inner ballerina with the ballet slipper minimalist silhouette of Pliè Barre Socks.
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