Barre to Beach Bag Essentials

We can’t wait to spend lazy days in the sun with buds in ears, book in hand, and friends by our side. But first, we must put in our time at the barre. For one, we love this workout! Two, checking a workout off our to-do list makes us feel accomplished (yay!). And three, getting the body moving early means we’ll have more energy for our day of play (paired with nutritious food and water, of course). So join us in a guilt-free, fantastic day from barre to beach - we'll show you how. For the studio, you're geared up in your favorite barre style - fun leggings, a comfy tank, a strappy sports bra, and, of course, a cute pair of barre socks. But before you leave the house, be sure to stash a few must-haves into a bag so you're prepared for fun right after class without having to stop at home.

Grab a bag and pack these barre to beach essentials:

Hydrating Face Mist

Sweat is dehydrating and carries bacteria so be sure to give your face a good rinse after class and spritz on a toning and hydrating face mist. You can also use this mist throughout the day to cool off.

Tinted SPF Moisturizer

A hydrated and sun-protected face is a healthy face. Cover yourself with a glow of a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Don't let a summer cold get you down. Keep your hands clean and your immune system perky with a spritz of hand sanitizer after touching workout equipment, before and after eating, and after your beach day. Use one with natural ingredients and with antiseptic/antiviral essential oils for an extra healthy boost.


Need we say more? No sunny day is complete without the look of shades.


Better to be prepared - you never know where the day with take you.


Shine on with a gloss that boasts your favorite summer color or go with a sheer nude. Either way, keep your pout on point.

Body Lotion

Show off those toned legs and arms with a veil of sweet-scented lotion that moisturizes and refreshes your skin.

Change of Clothes

Workout clothes can be super stylish and seem to be the norm even outside of the studio. This means you can easily go from barre to brunch without changing. Or, for a different look, we love throwing on a flowy summer dress over our strappy sports bra from class and pair with cute sandals. With our barre to beach bag essentials, we don’t have to slow the fun train after barre to refresh ourselves. There’s no time to waste – the beach is calling!