Tips From A Fit Mom

Hey moms! We know you have the most demanding job of all. While you're doing everything for your child, it's hard to find time for yourself. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is your health and fitness - for you and baby. Fitness Expert and ToeSox Influencer Lauren Huber remarks that since she's had her baby she's "now focused on the importance of staying healthy for daughter." Her goal is to help moms stay fit during and after pregnancy because she understands that workouts and routines change. We recently caught with her to get some Body by Lauren fitness tips. Body by Lauren is getting bigger since you’ve had your baby, so you know what it’s like to be busy! How do you take time for yourself? I have to make time to take a yoga class or find ways to workout with my daughter. It is so important for all moms to take time for themselves. I highly recommend doing something active, because you will have more energy and feel good about yourself. Find a yoga or fitness class that you can schedule into your day. Is it possible to fit in a workout with a baby? If it's hard to find time away from your little one, take your son or daughter on a walk or a run. You can definitely fit in a workout with baby. I have moms that bring their babies to my boot camp. It's a great way to get outdoors and do something active. The key is to plan ahead and know your child's schedule. If your child is stroller friendly, a walk, run or boot camp are great options. If you have an active toddler, planning your workout before they wake, during their nap or after they go to bed is important so you can stay focused. There are endless resources online, including yoga and workout videos, so you don't have to leave your house. 3. What are two moves that give us big impact in little time? A few of my favorite moves that give great results are power squats because they get your heart rate up and tone your lower body. I also love high and low plank after childbirth to strengthen your core. I have a fun video on my website that I did with my daughter when she was younger. I held her in my arms for some squats and lunges. She loved it and giggled the whole time! Any advice for moms? It's important to find balance between being a mom and taking care of yourself. Getting rest, eating healthy and staying physically fit have helped me have the energy and stamina to keep up with my daughter. Learn more about Lauren at and meet her on Instagram (@bodybylauren).