Sweat Happens

Sweat everyday. That rule applies to cranking up our internal thermostat by moving our bodies. Muscles engage, the heart pounds, and slowly the skin bubbles with sweet pearls of sweat. We're working out, we're working hard and we love it! As the weather gets warmer, our bodies heat up faster so our thermoregulator comes to the rescue to cool us down. We are sweating before class even starts. Ugh! This means we're going to be extra sweaty for the entire workout. Have you ever tried to hold plank or lunge deeper with wet feet? Your heart knows you can do it. Your body wants to do it. But your mind is distracted.

My feet are slipping. I can't hold this. I have to readjust. I hate sweat.

When the instructor says, "Hold for 10 more seconds. You can do anything for 10 seconds". Those final moments are the longest, most slippery, and unsafe 10 seconds of class. Our minds are powerful and they control our practice no matter how strong our bodies are. While you want to shed layers to keep cool and lessen the intense sweating, we advise you to keep your feet and hands covered. Grip socks and grip gloves provide a non-slip barrier between the sweat and the floor/mat/equipment. You'll find you are able to stay safe, stay put, and stay stronger during dynamic movements and steady holds. Sweat happens. Don't let it suck the life out of your workout.