Top Healthy Picks for 2015

The New Year calls for newness. Here are a couple of our top picks we're using this year to stay on track to our healthier selves: Yoga Sculpt - We like to sweat and be strong, so we're kicking our asanas into high gear with yoga sculpt classes. Broccoli Leaf - We're going to start using the leaves of this green veggie for sautés and salads because it's packed with carotenoids and vitamin A. Try these broccoli recipes using broccoli and their leaves. Bellarina - We've been wearing the newest grip socks to barre class because the arch support band and heel tab feels so good. Plus, the bright colors are motivating. Kalettes - This new superfood is the combination of kale and brussels sprouts. It's like eating tiny frilly cabbage heads that taste delicious! Check out some of these kalettes recipes. Maple Water - We're choosing this natural water over sugary, artificial drinks, like soda. It's a low calorie, phytonutrient-rich refresher that we can use to complement our daily water intake. Above all, we're just going to keep doing what makes us happy. A year from now we'll wish we started today. Let's begin!