Try this Summer Yoga Series

Robin-Martin-YogaOutlet Summer holds the element of Fire. It’s a season of warmth and transformation. This is a great time to utilize your energy and provide your body with dynamic movement it craves. To celebrate the Summer sun and harness this fire within, ToeSox teamed up with YogaOutlet for a 5-day FREE Summer Yoga Series. Each day, Ambassador Robin Martin offers a 20-minutes sequence with a special theme that will give you just what you need. The magical part of this series is you can do anywhere - at work, on the beach, in the backyard! Get your body moving to this fun and creative yoga series set around 5 flows: Core Flow activates your core muscles, connects your breath, and challenges your strength. Twisty Flow is a perfect summer detox that feels juicy good! Heart Opening Flow releases the front body with variations that keeps your body intrigued and your happy. Shoulder Opening Flow will bring you back to zen with poses designed to release body and mind tension. Hip Opening Flow breaks through emotional tension we hold in our hips and reminds you to just let go. Ready to feel the splendor of Summer? Click here to get your daily Summer Yoga Series video delivered to your inbox. Easy and oh so good! A huge thanks to Yoga Outlet for this collaboration and to Robin Martin’s beautiful practice and mindful sequences.