Our Summer Bucket List

running_bum-Toesox-sport Summer is synonymous with fun. It may not be the three-month vacation we got in grade school but there is still room for plenty of good times under bright sunny skies. To ensure you pack the season with pleasures you dream of, try framing the fun into goals or deadlines. Goal-setting makes us happier and we accomplish more when there is a WHY and WHEN set. We’re calling it our Summer Bucket List. Before Summer fades into Fall we have a few things we would like to get done. You’ll notice these aren’t extravagant extracurriculars – they’re just small to-dos that excite us. Here’s our list:
  1. Start and finish (that’s the kicker) a book that comes highly recommended by a friend.
  2. Road trip! Go interstate or stay closer by. We recommend picking a destination you’ve never been. Stop at scenic lookouts, eat at small-town diners, check out a local museum, bring home a t-shirt.
  3. Visit a National Park. There are so many to pick from – some with low-grade trails and some with high peaks to summit. Put on a hat, grab your favorite hiking socks, lather on the sunscreen, and take plenty of water and snacks.
  4. Host a Summer night party. Inflatable flamingos, pool noodles, umbrella drinks and cool tunes set the tone for a memorable night everyone will enjoy.
  5. Try surfing or another water sport, like paddle boarding, wake boarding or water jet pack. Combine an adrenaline rush with refreshing H20.
  6. Have a bonfire. As the sun sets on the horizon let a flame be your light. On the beach, the lakeshore, or camping in the woods, a fire brings people together and sets the mood for good times and lots of stargazing memories.
  7. Go to a drive-in movie. Transport yourself to a simpler time when cinema projected outdoors across hundreds of automobiles.
  8. Volunteer for a non-profit. With so many people going on vacation many organizations suffer from a lack of volunteers. This is a great time to help give love to shelter animals, read to the elderly or collect food for the hungry.
Time to get checking! Image of Morgan Gonzalez (@running_bum_)