What is Agility Barre?

Agility-barre-socks-toesox-4 photo credit Micaela Malmi
We love something new. So when ToeSox influencer and fitness expert Lauren Griffith launched her newest workout, we were instantly intrigued. Lauren has helped strengthen and transform countless bodies and this newest program is sure to not disappoint. Introducing Agility Barre®, a Body by Lauren® workout! Get the most out of your workout with this unique, yoga fusion, barre inspired workout. Agility Barre® is a fun, upbeat workout combining the strength and endurance of sculpt with the mindfulness and flexibility of yoga. Achieve a lean, toned physique through Lauren's choreographed dance combinations, utilizing the Agility Barre® Weighted Bar. Lauren Griffith designed the workout with the intention of helping people achieve results, in the least amount of time. She has accomplished this by providing participants with a one-stop workout that fuses her favorite formats: Yoga, Barre and Sculpt. Lauren has found that the combination of these 3 formats allows participants to tap into the benefits of the mind/body connection, while increasing strength (without added bulk), endurance and flexibility. So grab your grip socks and let's experience Agility Barre®! Agility Barre® classes are currently offered at Fortis Fitness/YogaLux in Carlsbad, CA. For more information visit Body By Lauren.
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