A closer look at Rosalia Chann

Rosalia-chann-toesox-profile Rosalie Chann is on a mission to inspire women to live the best versions of themselves. This New Jersey native grew up dancing and even toured domestically and internationally until she completely transitioned into the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2009. She set roots with Equinox and in 2014 began teaching group fitness classes at modelFIT where she also works with celebrity and high-profile clientele. This natural beauty and fitness maven bestills our heart with her passion for life and helping others. We caught up with the radiant Rosalia for a Q&A that uncovers her secret to balance and the beats that get her moving.
Rosalia-chann-toesox Your workouts blend so many different ways to sweat! What’s your favorite combo? My workouts are rooted in Applied Functional Science. I use a mindful full-body approach and strategies based off of movement in 3 planes of motion to deliver the most effective and efficient workouts for my individual clients and group classes. Working in 3D creates a well-rounded physique and a way to elevate the longevity of the wellness and functionality of the body. I keep my classes moving by creating matrices out of movement and elevating the heart rate with light cardio. It doesn't look like you're doing much, but I assure you that you will feel challenged and work up a good sweat!

Must-go wellness spots in NYC?

Here are three of my favorite spots: Visit modelFIT for a peaceful sanctuary to get a well rounded workout. Visit M N D F L for meditation. Visit Souen for a natural organic food that is cost effective.

What’s on your playlist?

I like a playlist that is diverse and up-lifting for myself and my clients. Here are a few of my current favorites.
  • Gold by Kiiara
  • Open Season by Josef Salvat (Gryffin Remix)
  • Celeste by Ezra Vine
  • Coastal Break by Tycho
  • Cranes by Monkey Safari

Any fun fitness trends you see coming our way in 2016?

I am seeing fitness as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I feel like the physical aspect of wellness has been seen as its own entity for so long that the mind and spirit aspects were hidden. Now the leaders of the industry are uncovering what has been forgotten and creating 'one stop shops' where you can get it all.

Best piece of advice for women trying to find balance in life?

Care for yourself first! Everything begins from within, so if you take care of yourself/fuel yourself first, than you will have more to give and receive in return. For example, I have a 'must-do' routine in the morning for myself before I begin working with others. Once I started giving back and empowering myself first, other aspects of my life, including my work, have changed and flourished