Winter Skin Care Tips

healthy-winter-skin-header Establishing a routine takes time. And just when you got it locked down, something changes and the routine needs to be adjusted. Take, for example, skin care. Caring for your body’s largest organ is an extremely important routine. It's also a routine that may need to shift slightly with each season. In most cases, Summer brings on heat and often humidity, Winter is dry and chilly, and the transitional seasons - Spring and Fall - have a mixture of everything. While you might be planning for your Spring vacay, your skin could still be suffering the Winter blues. Does your skin feel dry? Are small lines (ahem wrinkles) more visible? Are your lips parched? Is your skin missing it's usual glow? healthy-winter-skin-social Don't panic. These are all typical Winter skin woes. Try these simple Winter skin care tips that will help without completely knocking you off your normal routine.
  1. Use coconut oil to remove makeup; it is hydrating and gentle.
  2. Wash your face with a cleansing lotion rather than a gel.
  3. Apply a hydrating mask weekly to revitalize and nourish the skin.
  4. Use a serum before applying moisturizer because serums are better at penetrating deeper into skin.
  5. Lotion your entire body – even if you’re always wearing pants. Your entire body is thirsty, moisturize it. Find one without parabens. You can also use coconut oil.
  6. Prep your skin before you workout by washing and moisturizing your face. Sweating is dehydrating.
  7. If you washed your face at night before bed, you don’t need to wash it with cleanser again in the morning. Splash water on your face, apply an SPF moisturizer and you’re good to go.
  8. Use a humidifier or essential oil diffuser in the rooms you are in most to add moisture into the dry air.
  9. Give yourself a little foot massage at night with lotion and then put socks on to lock in the moisture. Come sandal season, you will be super glad you did this.
  10. Drink a lot of water. You might not feel as thirsty when it’s cold out, but drinking at least eight 8oz glasses of water everyday will keep you hydrated and your skin happy.
  11. Wear your sunscreen – always. Just because the sky isn’t clear blue, doesn’t mean harmful rays can’t damage your skin. Don’t wreck your routine by forgetting your SPF.
  12. As Spring approaches, pollen fills the air. If you have allergies, you might notice puffy eyes from all of the sneezing. Soothe the puff with cucumber slices or cool green (or black) tea bags. You might also want to change your pillowcase more often as allergens blowing in the air can get trapped in your hair and get on your pillow.
Establishing a skin care routine is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Those extra minutes in the morning and evening to pamper your skin will add years to your looks and give you a lasting sense of self love. Just be advised of the weather.