The Power of Cross-Training for the Studio Fanatic

cardio-crosstraining-2 During any given week, we’re spending 3-5 days at the studio with grip socks on, gaining some mental sanity and building strength. If you’re also a regular at the studio, then you know how amazing these fitness classes (like barre, Pilates and yoga) are at transforming your body and building your confidence. Keep up the great work! And…. You might want to consider supplementing your studio workouts with a couple extra hours a week of cardio. Studio fitness classes are the perfect way to get a full-body workout. Most muscle groups are activated during the 60-minute session, with the exception of the heart and lungs. There are moments in class you’ll feel your heart rate elevate, but to get into better heart and lung shape, longer durations of cardio are needed. Time to cross-train! Most athletes understand the importance of cross-training. The more you train your body with only one activity the more prone you become to injury because of repeat use on those muscles. Cross-training conditions other parts of the body which only enhances the performance of all activities. For example, runners often turn to yoga to increase their flexibility, while surfers might use Pilates to strengthen their core to enhance their balance. For all of you dedicated barre babes and Pilates fanatics, adding cardio to your weekly workout routine will help build up your stamina and endurance. You’ll be amazed at how much longer you can pulse at the barre or hold plank in Pilates! Plus, all the breath work you do in class will prove valuable on your cardio days. cardio-crosstraining-social To increase your overall fitness health, try incorporating these cardio exercises into your weekly workout schedule. Run the stairs. If you’re already going up, you might as well take the stairs and run up them, then run down them, then run back up. For extra intensity, run two stairs at a time. Sumit that mountain. Gain a healthy dose of vitamin D and get your blood pumping with a steady trek up a mountain. Even the slightest incline for 30 minutes will strengthen your lungs and heart. Interval running. If clocking long miles isn’t for you, try interval running. Jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute, jog for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute. And repeat. Once you’re in cardio shape (this could a few weeks or so), increase the intensity by swapping out the jogs for runs, and the walks for jogs. You already know how important grip socks are to your studio class. It’s equally crucial when you’re going for a cardio-focused workout to be outfitted with sport socks that are comfortable and keep your feet dry. ToeSox has just what you need.