A Spring Break...not a break-down

YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernandez find bliss in Belize
We work hard to keep our routines in tact after the New Year. As we shed our winter clothes, we may also shed a few pounds of the holiday indulgences. We look good and, most importantly, we feel good.Then it's time for well deserved R & R. It's Spring Break and time to R-E-L-A-X! When we leave our familiar settings, it's also easy to leave our routines. The routines we put in place to get to the place where we feel good - healthy eating, healthy fitness goals, healthy habits - may falter while on vacation. Don't guilt yourself out of a good time. Find balance in all you do so you enjoy a Spring Break and don't suffer from a break down. Here are our quick tips for a healthy getaway:
  • Schedule fitness into your vacation. Plan a hike, daily walk, or register for a local 5k run.
  • Pack healthy snacks for the plane and day excursions. Try nuts, seeds or dried fruit.
  • Enjoy the indulgence, but in smaller quantities.
  • Learn a few Pilates and yoga poses that are easy to do anywhere, even on the airplane.
  • Lighten the load. The average yoga mat will take up to two (2) feet of space and add 5 lbs to your suitcase. Travel lighter and leave your mat behind.
  • Pack ToeSox grip socks and grip gloves. They are like little yoga mats for your hands and feet.
Save suitcase space, by packing grip toe socks with grip gloves instead of an exercise mat