Healthy Moms Raising Healthy Kids

Where would we be without our moms? From nourishing us inside the womb to bringing us in this crazy world, moms deserve a lot of credit. A woman’s life literally transforms the instant motherhood is added to her life’s achievements. For starters, a mom’s routine is no longer tailored to her, but rather that super sweet baby who depends on her for love, comfort and guidance. While being a mom is a divine experience it also doesn’t have to completely alter your previous identity. It’s common to let the title of “Mom” become your sole profile, but balance is still pertinent to a woman’s healthy mind, body and soul. We caught up with a couple of moms who know firsthand how motherhood shifts everything, and how they manage to keep their health and wellness in tact while strengthening their fitness professional careers.

Meet Our Moms

Lauren Griffith is a ToeSox ambassador and creator of Agility Barre®. Lauren is a mom to two small kiddos and lives in Southern California. She is a fitness and wellness expert best known for her high-energy fitness classes, boot camps and instructor training programs. Erin Salvetti is a ToeSox influencer and founder of the health and lifestyle blog Living Lately. Erin is a mom to a passionate 5 year old daughter, as well as creator of Barre Connect. She mentors instructors from all around and also enjoys teaching at an amazing health club during the weekdays.

Here’s what these moms had to say about motherhood, staying healthy, and sneaky ways they nourish their kids.

How has your workout routine or style changed since being a mom?

Lauren: My workout routine has changed slightly as a mom. Since time is limited, I strive to get the most out of each workout. Erin: I think for me it has become more mental. I actually value my workouts more! Since I am not always on my own time, I have found that creating the space in my day to workout has become my happy space. Whereas before, I may not have been as appreciative of the time.

What is your go-to workout?

Lauren: I prefer interval training workouts for cardio, resistance training workouts to build muscle, and yoga to keep my body flexible and prevent injury. Erin: My go to workouts are barre, yoga sculpt and indoor cycling!! I love teaching and taking those classes and find that my body loves it too. I also crave vinyasa yoga where I can just check out and restore but also do great things for my mind, body and soul.

What is the best piece of advice your mom gave you?

Lauren: The best piece of advice my mom gave me is to enjoy my children while they are young. They grow up fast and take the time to smell the roses! Erin: To pick and choose your battles...some are just not worth it in the end.

What is the most important thing you want to teach your children?

Lauren: The most important thing I want to teach my children is the importance of family, love, and to follow their dreams! Erin: To be kind to others and love yourself.

What is your favorite activity to do with your kiddos?

Lauren: My favorite activity to do with my kiddos is to explore new places and try things for the first time. I have found so much fulfillment watching my children experience life and to see things through their eyes. Erin: We love to travel and when we are home we love to read "I am Yoga" and practice the postures together.

What food is an absolute must in your children's meal plan? Do you use any tricks to get them to eat healthy foods?

Lauren: I strive to incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables in my children’s diet. The vegetables are the most difficult, so we make smoothies with fruit, veggies, probiotics, and vegan protein. My kids love the smoothies and I feel good that they are getting the nutrients they need. It’s all about being creative as a mom! Erin: KALE!! Oddly enough I craved kale while pregnant in my third trimester so as soon as my daughter could eat it, she did, and actually liked it! In one of our staple dinners of chicken, rice and kale, we will chop up the kale (or any veggie) and mix it in with the rice so she just eats the whole thing not completely realizing she is eating all the veggies! Pictured: both moms are wearing Full Toe Bellarina Grip Socks.