Top Gift Picks for Him

What better way to tell the special man in your life you love him than with a healthy gift that shows you care about his overall wellbeing. We've selected a couple fun gifts to give the man you love that will also improve his life: 1. Stress can cause emotional and physical dis-ease and weight gain. A hammock tells him you know he works hard and he deserves some peaceful R&R for his mind, body and soul. Plus, you can use it too! 2. New board shorts (these by Vuori) will inspire him to get in the water, jump on his beach cruiser and go to hot yoga with you. 3. Leather sandals (like the five-toe Encinos) will up his style game and be his long-lasting go-to shoes for any occasion from beach to dinner out. One less thing to worry about. 4. Pick his favorite nuts, seeds, and sweets and make him his very own trail mix. This customized snack will keep his energy high, keep him full between meals and prevent him from munching on unhealthy foods. 5. Take care of YOU! When we stay active and healthy, "happy" chemicals in our brains are released making us feel good. When we are in a good mood, we increase the happiness of others around us. "Many neuroscientists believe that our so-called mirror neurons can foster our ability to empathize with the emotions we observe in others," says Martha Beck in her article 7 Exceptionally Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day. So with that in mind, grab your fitness gear (Bella grip socks pictured above) and make sure to carve out time for a barre class, yoga, or a run. Whether it's a holiday or just any day, say 'I Love You' with the gift of health... after all, it's priceless.