Easy food swaps and tricks for your next party

avocado-salad-movementmenu Eating healthy feels physically good, but it can be mentally agonizing navigating through the assortment of indulgent offerings at parties. After all, these gatherings are a celebration, so we allow our willpower to slip for the sake of a good time. Everything in moderation right? Absolutely! Just be sure to check in with yourself to see how the foods you choose are making you feel. Are you full, bloated, tired, riding a sugar high? Pay attention to the intake because nothing feels worse (or more guilty) than a food hangover. To support your healthy decisions while still feeling like you’re indulging try a few of our party tricks.

On best behavior

  • Don’t stand next to the snack table
  • Use a small plate instead of grabbing a big one
  • Wait 20 minutes after your last bite before going in for seconds to see if you’re full
  • Make 80% of what you eat be whole foods (think fruits and veggies)
  • Save the 20% for what you really want – your treat. Don’t waste it on something that’s just okay
  • Eat protein and high-fiber foods to fill you up longer (ie grilled chicken and salad)
  • No portion should be bigger than your palm
  • Want that piece of pie? Go for it… take half of a slice or less and enjoy those bites
  • Stop, put your fork down and chat with friends between each bite

Simple food swaps

  • Frozen grapes instead of a popsicle or icecream
  • Sparkling water instead of tonic
  • Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • Jicama slices instead of chips
  • Grilled chicken instead of fried
  • Baked sweet potato fries over regular French fries
  • Avocado instead of butter
  • Mustard instead of mayo
  • Handful of nuts over crackers
Our culture creates memories around food. Give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy the spread. Just remember that the party is truly about the company you are with and not the food you do or do not eat. Cheers to that! Image via The Movement Menu