How to Celebrate Earth Day

Ah, the sweet outdoors! The fresh air blowing, birds chirping, sun shining, trees shading, flowers growing, mountains towering – it’s the most beautiful setting for this life on earth. It’s definitely worth celebrating. This is why Earth Day is such a fun and inspiring day to get involved. Earth Day is a worldwide initiative to activate environmental protection through events and education. This day holds a special reminder to us to take care of the earth everyday. So we do. As a team, we joined San Diego Coastkeeper for a beach clean up at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. Here, our group got to work picking up trash that had been littered along the shoreline. In just a couple hours, our team removed 27 lb of debris! We collected: plastic food wrappers (74), cigarettes and cigarette butts (44) and styrofoam pieces (27). We also picked up 11 single use plastic bags, 8 plastic bottles, 20 plastic bottle caps, two plastic utensils, 22 plastic lids, cups or plates, eight straws, three balloons, two glow sticks, 12 other plastics, nine pieces of metal, three pieces of glass, 19 pieces of paper and cardboard, six pieces of fabric, and observed three entangled animals. It’s astounding that so much needless waste was found – items that affect the planet and the creatures who live here. With just a small amount of effort, so much can be done collectively. We urge you to be part of a positive impact on the earth. It’s as simple as establishing daily habits and being more mindful and grateful. Start now.

Five simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day, everyday:

  1. Never litter. And when you see litter on the ground, pick it up and put it where it belongs – in a trashcan. Imagine if every human picked up at least three pieces of litter everyday!
  2. Recycle every time you can. Pay attention to the items you use – are they recyclable or made from recyclable materials? Compost as much as possible too!
  3. Use reuseable shopping bags. This is a mere habit you need to form and once you do, you will start to see how unnecessary plastic bags are, and yet, how many are used on just one grocery stop.
  4. Use less. Shorten your shower time, turn off lights as you leave a room, and reuse items that have a multi-purpose (ie. Use glass jars to store food instead of plastic zipper bags).
  5. Get a daily dose of the outdoors. Turn off your phone, invite a friend or go solo, and just spend quality time outside being grateful for what nature gives us. The gratitude will continue to ignite your passion to help the planet.
As a brand, it's also important we deliver products that come from planet-friendly practices. Here are just a few of the things we do:
  • Source certified and ecologically produced organic cotton using specialty farmers deliver the highest quality cotton.
  • Choose to print less – in our marketing and in our office – for minimal waste. Print materials, like catalogs and packaging, use recycled content and soy-based inks.
  • Manufacture at facilities that are safe for all workers and source fibers that are natural, recycled, or sustainable. It’s important that our products - from fiber to final package - are in alignment with our values to support the environment and its communities.
Together, let’s make a difference. Hopefully, we can leave this planet a more beautiful place.